Serratus Anterior injury

Anyone ever injured this?

I’ve had a winging scapular for quite some time and have been strengthening my serratus on and off.

The other day I think I pushed it a bit too hard, and have been in a fair bit of pain the last couple days. I feel really sore around my ribcage and towards my back / shoulder blade. Pretty much exactly where my SA is.

Yesterday it was hurting whenever I’d take a deep breath, it’s not quite as bad today but still pretty painful if I need to cough or clear my throat.

I’m hoping this will be one of those injuries that just requires rest for a few days but if anyone has any similar experiences it’d be good to hear! I’ve just been having ibuprofen since last night and taking it easy

What exercise were you doing? I feel like it would be fairly difficult to badly injure your serratus.

Also, unsolicited advice from a PT… scapular dyskinesis can involves more than serratus anterior and many people will benefit from strengthening low and mid trapezius and rhomboids. Other muscles can be overworking as well, such as upper trap and levator scap.

The rotator cuff muscles also play a role in how the shoulder joint moves as a whole.

You’re describing more neck related issues than an acute SA injury. Did you self dx a winging scapula? What were you doing to cause the pain?

Thanks for the replies, the exercise I was doing was a bit like this (except I was alternating arms with each rep) I was really protracting my shoulders in order to hit my serratus hard

The pain has calmed down a bit now although is still feeling pretty sure around my back… although it feels more like it’s under my shoulder blade, wouldn’t say it feels like my back muscles exactly

I’ve also been doing a lot of exercises for my rotator cuffs and lower traps

It’s more likely to be neck pain, than not. What you’re describing is a common referral pattern from the neck.

Thanks, do you think it might be worth me foam rolling / stretching my neck?

Stretching isn’t really a good idea unless you’ve found the right direction that reduces your pain and increases your range of motion. Is it really not getting any better on its own?

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