Fuelling your workout - How far out?

I am wondering what the optimum time before a trainer workout is best to fuel yourself.

I generally never eat anything during and so always try to eat enough before.

I will generally train at around 6.30pm. If I’m gonna have a meal before then that is more carb heavy should it be at lunch time and then some something smaller at around 3.30/4pm so that I’m not starving hungry or stay off the carbs with a smaller lunch maybe a salad and then carb up with my meal around 3 hours before my ride?

I know I can try them out but just wondering if anyone knows what is optimum for the body to make sure glycogen stores are full for the session.

Thanks everyone

Depends on how long a session really. In such circumstances I would be more focussed on hydration for anything up to 90 minutes. But I’d generally have some fruit around 3.30/4 regardless of a workout being planned to be honest.

I’d like to hear what others do here as well. What I do myself is… If the workout is aerobic/recovery, then I can eat any time before and/or after.
As OP, if session planned is hard, I try to not to have any food at least 3h before the exercise. I don’t eat during that exercise if it us under 2 hours, reason being, trying to teach body to perform even when sugar levels drop, in other words, rely on this energy source less. After finished, I eat plenty.
Whatever the exercise, hydration is of high importance, even if body doesn’t seem to want it at a certain time.
Back to original OP question, I’m trying to eating adequately after the exercise within the short time window for rapid recovery. Recovery and energy replenishment starts after the exercise, not so much before the next exercise, this is my understanding…

I train at 0530 in the morning, I don’t consume anything before working out except a single Espresso.


Thanks guys. I’ve tried training on an empty stomach first thing and also on a full stomach but just wasn’t sure what would be optimal for the body to maximise the potential benefits from the session.

I’m gonna be starting sustained power build medium volume very soon and that is the phase that I was most interested in applying it to now but I’d also be just interested to know generally.

I feel that it should be the opposite to what I am generally doing now, and so I should have a larger more carb based lunch with a lighter snack or salad around 3 hours before.

I do what Crownan does as well for my morning workouts, but those are currently only an hour.

I do add some iso to my water though, otherwise I will feel dehydrated during the workout and I think I won’t be able properly perform the workout.

When I do my evening workout there is usually two hours between my meal and my workout. Usually it’s 125 gram of pasta, 200 grams of vegetables and some kind of sause.
I’ve tried waiting longer but that didn’t always work well for me as sometimes I started feeling hungry again and lacking energy during the workout.

Guess the timing also depends on what you put on the plate

Renovating an old thread but it’s relevant. I will probably get to bed around 2300 to 2330 tonight (working a late shift) and have Carpathian Peak to do tomorrow which I will probably do between 1000 and 1130. Would you take in some carbs tonight or get up early tomorrow and get some good carbs in?