Separating Outdoor personal Records from Indoor Trainer Sessions (Feature Request)

Hi ,
It would be great to be able to separate outdoor personal records from indoor trainer sessions records as my indoor set up uses a different bike using only the inbuilt trainer power meter. I’m finding my personal records outdoors are being overshadowed by the indoor sessions. Any plans for this to be rolled out?
I think it would be a much desired feature for many users.


Hey @JohnA,

I just chatted with our Brandon, our Web Product manager, and this is something that we would like to do, but it is not yet slated on our Development Roadmap. We just have some higher priority projects that we need to complete before we can dedicate resources to this.

In the meantime, you can exclude individual rides from personal records by clicking on the three-dot menu on the ride you would like to exclude, and then uncheck personal records.

Sorry I don’t have a better solution for you at this time :pensive:.

Yes, the ability to tag workouts/rides and then compare by tag would be great. So you could compare indoor vs outdoor, races vs training, roadbike vs TT bike, group rides vs solo etc, or just look at your commutes, or whatever else you used as a tag. Appreciate that is quite a bit of programming effort though.