Separate FTP settings for running (Stryd) and swimming (Vasa)?

TrainerRoad Team, Any chance you will be adding separate FTP settings for running (Stryd) and swimming (Vasa)?

I currently use TrainerRoad for Cycling and now use it for swimming as well when using a Vasa Swim Erg power meter. Unfortunately since the FTP for swimming is considerable less I have to change it every time I switch to a different Sport. I understand that this software was built to make cyclist better but in todays world using power is becoming more prevalent and can now be used across all three sports of triathlon. Some of your competitors ( Zwift ) already have options for running. Since you already have plans for Triathletes that include Swim and Run Workouts im asking for the ability to have a FTP for each sport

Thanks, Kevin

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At the moment, we do not have plans to add a separate profile for Vasa and Stryd power meters since we do not have structured running and swimming training plans that utilize these tools.

Down the line, we would like to do some more research into the best ways to utilize the latest technology and how to use them to structure high-level training, but we still have a lot of cycling optimization to do before we can even think about embarking on a multi-sport project of that magnitude.

Thanks Brice. The nice thing for trainerroad is that a lot of us are already using your software with Vasa and have created multiple custom workouts and FTP test. Im sure we could be your guinea pigs and would be able to give you some data on our improvements.

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Any update on having separate FTP settings for running/swimming?
The other guys (TrainerDay) just added support for Vasa swimerg and rowergs.

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Swim-specific device integration hasn’t changed for the moment. I’ll be sure to provide updates and new information as it becomes available. :+1: