Assigning run(multi sport) power to bike FTP

Is there any fix on the horizon for this?
It’s a fairly basic expectation that a cycling app can differentiate between run & bike and then not have run power impact all bike workouts.

As simple a thing is, it’s one of those things that has turned me off using trainerroad as every time I race (multi sport) I have to manually delete half the effort as it throws everything out of whack.

Hi, could you elaborate on what is not working here? Is TrainerRoad using the power from runs to to calculate bike related metrics?

I understand that the run functionality should be improved in various ways such that having a separate run FTP to be used for run workouts, TSS calculations, show in graphs etc.

In a multi sport race, it assigns the run power metric to bike power & this impacts ftp, ai detection etc

Might be sensible to retitle the thread to be clearer that this is about multi-sport activities, rather than a general issue with run imports.


Oh yeah, you’re totally right, I had never noticed that. The run itself gets imported correctly as a separate activity, but the bike activity includes the entire race, even the swim, so it gets the run power as well.

I think I’m gonna delete these races from TR for now.

Deleting them does fix this, but I’d rather have those activities in the calendar as metrics and it should be fixed server side rather than client side.