Separate forum category for women

Can TR create a separate forum category for discussions specific to women? While many of the training concepts may be applicable to both sexes, maybe that isn’t such a good assumption…


I created a topic for women’s nutrition… why don’t we just start a separate one on training?


I didn’t even know there were categories on this forum until you mentioned it! :thinking: So even with a category, unless the specificity is in the topic title you might not get your desired results.

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Sorry to butt in. In principle a great idea. However, this forum doesn’t have sub forums at this point, but instead uses tags. So you’d probably want a tag.

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I suggest using “Women"s” in any appropriate thread title as shown above.

Additionally, using a Tag (which is effectively a subheading) is helpful. Both can be used in search to refine results.

It look like we need to add a “womens” Tag to most categories because I don’t see them. I can add them, but @Bryce should be able to help with this.

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Hey @nreinker,

I think having a tag for women’s specific conversations would be a great way to improve navigation and help to find the exact conversation you’re looking for.

I have added the tag #womens-specific to the Training, Racing, Nutrition, Equipment, and Results categories :+1: