Could we get a running category? Also a swimming category might be helpful as well for some

Given that trainerroad has triathlon plans, it would be great if we had a running section as well. No reason why it just has to be limited to cycling only. I’m not a big swimmer but I imagine that some folks might also want a swimming section as well.

I don’t have a slow twitch forum account and I’d prefer to be able to talk about all things endurance on one forum. I think there are quite a few people who would use it.

I hope I am not somehow missing these sections! But from what I can see they don’t exist currently.


I suspect a “Tag” for those is a better starting point than a full “Category”.

Thoughts @Nate_Pearson and @Bryce?

That’s certainly an option but tags almost act like an archive as opposed to a category which will keep popular posts near the top. I suspect that a lot of the running topics would get buried and someone would have to go out of their way to look for them with tags. As opposed to just browsing the most popular topics on the subject. I even recall Jonathan and Nate mentioning on the podcast that topics keep getting buried, and that might partially be from not having enough categories.

Anyways just my 2cents. I guess I’m used to the more old school forums with a bunch of different categories.

The ironman thread is being well supported why not just start 2 threads and keep them being pushed up

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I ran, though not raced, my first running race of the year and stuck a thread up to see if there’s any interest. There have been a few swimming based threads pop up occasionally as well.

I’ve got a few running goals for the year so all discussion welcome.

@mcneese.chad I tend to agree with you about the categories, the forum seems to work well as it is I think.

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Let’s tag run and swim for now, then if it gets popular we can create a category.


I’ve added #run and #swim to the list of Tags :+1:

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