See Completed Workout Info / Completion Rate [Feature Request]

Let us know the percentage of people that have completed the workout. That would be extra motivation for me.

I’d like to update your topic title, or you can, because it gives no clue to the actual suggestion you are making.

Something like “See Completed Workout Info” or similar. This helps me (and anyone else) who has to search for and reference these far better than a generic title.

But then you would see the completion rate for like… Petit and lol. :rofl:


Please share! Is it that bad?

its a 1hr easy endurance workout included multiple times on just about every plan there is!

I would be ok with that.

But when you have say Deception and you know 30% failure rate it might push you a tad harder. Like being on the back of a breakaway, it hurts A LOT. But getting dropped will hurt more then not finishing in the lead group.

Oh yeah its CRAZY. I think Nate mentioned it on a podcast once? But those easy endurance/recovery rides have the highest failure rate/incompletion rate!

Its understandable why - the importance of those endurance rides is easy to forget when the work is ‘easy’, so many are inclined to cut it short.

Sounds good.

I would want to see the % of success prior to starting the work out.

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Cool. I updated the title to hopefully cover your idea.

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