Searching for Race Openers within the app [Feature Request]

I recently looked for an opener to do the day before returning to my plan after a few days off the bike. My searches didn’t return any workouts. From what I can see, the word “opener” isn’t a category or even used in the descriptions of any workouts.

I googled it and found a few rides each of the TR coaches like to use as openers but IMO I should be able to get that info within the app.


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For starters, here is what I made for reference:

I agree, there needs to be some word edits to the workout descriptions to make this easier via filters.

Just to clarify, I found the opener workouts via google. There’s a page where the coaches discuss the workouts they like to use as openers. But I shouldn’t have to go to google or read a blog post. It should be a category inside the app. At a bare minimum the word opener should be added to the description of all the workouts the coaches seem to be good as openers.

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No, I totally get that. Adding that reference was for everyone else as much as you.

I totally agree there is lacking ability to quickly access these in the app, and it should be addressed.

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Thanks for clarifying. I updated the title of the post and will past this along to the team!


Much appreciated, Ivy. :smiley:

We might add the same basic request for searching “pre-race warm up” workouts as well:


Thanks Ivy! I know sometimes ppl only comment when they have a complaint so a quick note to say you are great


Aww shucks thank you so much! Love to help ya’all out. :blush:

It would nice to have a filter in the workout library for Openers.


There is under “warm up”

I moved your post under an existing one with the same goal.

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