Sealant remover/cleaner?

Does anyone know of an easy cheap sealant remover? Effetto Mariposa make some and it works well but it’s rather expensive and hard to get. I am thinking that there should be some generic solvents that would work just as well?

Three things that have worked best for me.

Pressure Washer

Abrasive Cleaning Stick -

Rubber Palmed Gloves -

With the Abrasive Cleaning Stick / Rubber Eraser working better than the gloves. Takes maybe 10 minutes per tire when dry.


Like the abrasive cleaning stick I have been using rubber cement erasers, it has to be dry though if it is wet just smears it.

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I need something to remove the stain from my bike and clothes

Clothes - no idea.

Bike - I’d try something like Goo Gone followed by a cleanup with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You could try the goo-gone recommendation on clothes too, but spot test it first.

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The Silca Ultimate Sealant Remover works like a charm, though it (like most things Silca) ain’t exactly cheap. That said, it provides excellent bang for your bucks.


Dynamic has one:

I have not used any cleaner products with my wheels, as I use Orange Seal.