Easy to clean sealant?

I’ll need to change tires on a regular base (multiple tubless tires but also clincher with tubes) but stans and caffelatex are PITA when you want to clean tires (and even the wheels)…

Is there any sealant which is “easy to clean”?

I don’t think so, I’ve used a bunch of brands over the years and none seem any better than others from that perspective

I think being easy to clean and being good at sealing holes are mutually incompatible!


would be nice if there was a film that could be sprayed on top of the rim and tape to keep the boogies from sticking to the wheel. I think the tire is a lost cause, just put it back on and reseal, but would be nice to be able to clean the wheels easily.

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I find Orange Seal is easy to clean and does a very good job actually sealing punctures. Has been better than Stan’s and Hutchinson in my own experience. Tried Muc Off and that has been the worst for anything, cleaning it up is very difficult once it dries and it basically seals nothing. Still hoping for a sealant to come along that performs well but lasts.