Sea Otter Classic 2019

For the first time it looks like I’ll be able to make it out there for the criterium and circuit! Anyone else? I’ll be racing:

  • Criterium: Men Pro1/2 or Men 35+1/2/3 and 45+1/2/3
  • Circuit: Men 35/45+ 1/2/3

I’ll be there racing XC


I’ll be doing the circuit and road race! Women’s though :smirk:

I did the road race last year. This will be my first year doing the circuit. I’m so excited to race on the raceway! That 2-story drop is gonna be awesome! (Not the grind up to it…)

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I will be there racing Cat 1 XC and either 45+ 3 or 4 circuit race. The climb up to the corkscrew is nothing, it is like a 1 min to 1:30 effort…my best was 1:12/535 watt avg…corkscrew is a blast…45mph+

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Cat 4 circuit and criterium.

We should do a TR meet up at some point during that weekend!

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I am i interested in trying my first race at Seaotter 2019 . xc or Enduro would most likely be My Jam but the Website is not all that clear on what I need to do. Do you need a license If you just Want to race as an amateur ? I went as a spectator for my first visit earlier this year and I hope to make it back every year.