Racing at Laguna Seca! Sea Otter 2022 (Commentary)

Here’s some of my footage from the Pro/Open Sea Otter Circuit Race at Laguna Seca for those interested!

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


Such a tough course…the climb is deceptive.


So much longer on a bicycle than in an automobile race!


Great commentary and analysis. Hard to compete against those big teams I assume. Fantastic race from your part.

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Great footage and commentary. The power those guys are able to put out always amazes me. As an older recreational rider I can only dream of be able to do that.

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Tough race for sure…I won the circuit race in 2016 in Masters 45+ CAT 5, then got 2nd the following year as a CAT 4. I remember averaging in the 460’s up that climb every lap.

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Ack…I totally forgot about that second little bump after the Corkscrew…which I should have remembered since that is where I got dislodged usually. :joy:

But man. coming down the Corkscrew was a blast.


Good video! I raced the masters A in 2019 and saw many of the same things including an NP buster for the circuit! Highest NP for an hour to date. The road race was beautiful. Brutal but, beautiful! Many fit riders up in Norcal!


Thanks for watching! Definitely hard to compete against those big teams, but always fun to get pushed to the next level!

Thank you! The power is nuts for sure. I don’t think I’d ever be able to push myself to do that solo in training haha.

Dig your username too (~);}

Those are great results! That climb is no joke!

Descending was my favorite part :joy:

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I think this race is up there for my highest 1hr NP as well… lots of fast folks come out to this one! It’s a great course!

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