Sea Otter 2019 roll call

Who is going to be there, when, and what are you racing?

(also for the mountain bikers, it’s worth taking a short trip over to Demo nearby and riding the flow trail there if you haven’t before, but keep in mind it will be closed on 4/14 for trail maintenance in case you can lend a hand)


I’ll be there Wednesday afternoon. Going to race the 45+ 1/2/3 criterium, circuit and road race.


XC, Cat 1, 30-39 …for any past racers, note a complete course change. Shorter, looks like they eliminated the sand climb and it runs the reverse direction.
Cat 1:

Cat 2/3:


I’m pretty sure I’m heading down there for at least the weekend. Probably racing DH, although I haven’t decided or signed up yet.


Crit, circuit and road race for me. All in Cat 3.


I’m planning on racing XC Cat 2 30-39, but will likely hit UCSC or Demo for a hot lap on Friday.


I’ll be doing the Cat 3 women’s circuit on Friday and road race on Sunday. I’m so excited to race on that smooth tarmac and take that descent! The road race I’m not as excited about because the climb you hit every lap is pretty rough and the finishing climb can feel so much longer than it really is.

My husband will be working at the Canyon Bicycles tent here and there over the weekend as well, so it’ll be a fun-filled busy couple of days!


You guys and gals are all experienced big guns! I’m racing age 62 and this will be my first road race . . . ever :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m doing the Men’s 45+ Cat 5 Sunday morning at 7:05am. Yikes! What am I getting myself into? Tips welcome!


@bobmac way cool for pinning it on. I hear (and see from the profile) it’s punchy with a legit climb to the finish. So…do lots of SST and eat nothing but, celery and water. Seriously, though, if your not reasonably light it will be tough. But, Sea Otter, and racing in general, is about having fun, the moment, the journey, learning and helping others when you can.

We are all guilty, but if you can, try and not tie your self worth to any one result. Especially masters like you and I. We’ve been through way too much to get caught up or worry about a bike ride.

With that, I hope when the festival looms closer @stevemz or @Nate_Pearson will make an attempt to get TR peeps together.

Once I know where we are camping I’ll post up. If I can assist or feed anyone I’d be more than happy to do so. Please feel free to msg and stop by if you need anything…


I’m racing the crit, circuit and road race in 35+ Cat 4.

For those who have done it before, how bad is the wind? I have 50mm depth carbon wheels, or 30mm alloy wheels to choose between and I’m 64kg. I’m thinking that the 30’s might be safer.

@bobmac Awesome that you’re racing! You’ll do great with all the climbing in the road race.


It’s times like this I WISH I could attend events like this. Good luck to you all :+1:


I’m going to Sea Otter Canada, if that counts. :wink:


@fidracer Congratulations on your upgrade!!! Taking on 3 races - you are fearless!

Kevin Metcalfe is the current UCI world champion Masters track athlete who is “not too shabby” on the road either (e.g. he set the age category Sea Otter road race course record in 2017). He has a blog post on many events, including the Sea Otter Road Race. He mentions the wind in the section on “Race Advice”.

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I’ll be there all festival long and racing the Cat 5 circuit race! Coming all the way from New Hampshire!


Cat 5 circuit race for me as well!

Any recommendation for warmups at Sea Otter? Can you ride the race track between races, or do you have to warm up outside before heading to the start line?

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I haven’t planned mine yet. But I did Team Sky’s warmup prior to a 90min hill TT in the past:

You can send your question to the following email. Laurel King got back to me pretty quickly on a question I had earlier.

Flying over for the week. There the four days. No plans on racing.


Thanks @bobmac!

I was told “You will have time to warm up a bit on the track.” in case anyone else was wondering

I raced the circuit race there the last three years and you only get a few minutes, if any, to warm up on the track. I have always warmed up on one of the access roads right by the start line then I get over to stage. They run a lot of races with few breaks so there is no open track time. If you are racing XC you can warm up on the track headed up to the corkscrew as much as you want before your race stages.

Circuit, crits, and accidentally road… All cat 4.
I will be on the hunt for the TR crew, I need to rock some TR swags!!!