Scribe 50/65 Wheels

I’m thinking about getting a set of Scribe 50/65 rim brake wheels. I do mostly long distance rides, but do like to do some quicker rides. Has anyone used Scribe wheels or have gone with a 50/65 or similar combination? Any pros/cons are welcome.

I bought a pair of 65/65 rim brake wheels, back in the summer. The wheels where great but there was an issue with the brake track on both wheels that affected braking, modulation wasnt smooth. It was a shame because I really liked the wheels, great hubs. Scribe customer service were fantasic, tried to solve the issue but ultimately they took the wheels back and offered me replacement or full refund. Took a refund as I decided to wait to see if they released a carbon spoke variant, would purchase again.

The 65/65 combination felt noticeably heavier than my usual 50/50, but imagine like anything you get used to it after a few rides. Raced on 50/65 a few times seems like a decent setup, especially for rolling roads, but 50/50 i would say is the best all round combination, especially for racing.

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Thanks for the input. I have a set of 38mm rims that I use right now, but I live in a pancake flat area. I’m hoping to get to the mountains next year and I would use the 38s there. Fingers crossed. I’m thinking the Scribe setup would be better for the flats.

I have Scribe 50/50 and love them. They’re fast and loud.