Scott Foil disc or Felt AR3

I can get a killer deal on a very lightly used ‘18 Scott Foil disc or a slightly more expensive AR3.

I have always wanted an AR especially with the reversible seat mast. Wondering if anyone has experience with the Foil?

I ride a few oly distance races per year and weekend group rides. Need a dual duty ride.

Both are nice options… my gripe with the Felt is lack of tire clearance.


Having owned both a 2016 Foil 10 and an AR I think the Foil is much more comfortable and has a better front end (just more nimble IMO). Even though I’m not on a Foil now I think it’s one of the best all around road bikes today. If my obligations change I will get another one myself.

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What would be the maximum tyre clearance of the Scott Foil disc if you squeeze?