Is Felt FR30 a good crit bike?

Hi, many wise riders in the forum give this advice “don’t race something you can’t replace”. So, I am looking for an aluminum bike and came across the Felt FR30. Does anyone have any experience with this bike? I know about Caad13 or Allez Sprint Disc, they are nice but are relatively more expensive than FR30. Thanks.

Got one and couldn’t be happier. It’s stiff, agile, light and it’s got the right geometry. Tyre grip is my limiter in corners, not the frame, and I feel no softness at all in sprints.

Thank you Hugo1. This is very helpful!
Could you tell me more about your setup? e.g. are you running the stock wheels or you have upgraded wheels?

56 cm frame, everything stock, slammed stem, power meter, SPD pedals. I’m 183 cm tall, 80 kg, about 300 W FTP, about 1200 W sprint after hours of riding. I got spare money but see no reason at all to spend more.

Let me know if you’re curious about anything else.

It’s the rider that will make the difference. No one is winning a crit because they’ve got a carbon frame and Dura-Ace

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