2023 Scott Foil

Surprised not to see a post about this bike announced yesterday. I guess Scott isn’t as popular a road bike brand as Mountain Bike?

Reminds me a lot of various Cervelo’s over the last few years.


I’ve seen a deluge of posts about it from pros and influencer types. Not saying that’s a good or bad thing but after seeing quite a few very similar posts calling it “the fastest bike ever,” it’s pretty obvious the marketing angle Scott has taken.


It’s probably super nice looking rig with some painwork. I saw one chameleon Scott a while ago, not my type of thing must admit. The green white paintwork Canyon did for the Giro was just superb, man if Scott could do something simple straightforward like that.

Really good looking handlebar combo as that swooped one was quite ugly really. But what the @#& is that proprietary seatpost-taillight integration that forces to one and only solution…?

I see way less Scott road bikes compared to mountain as well. Not sure the reasoning behind that. Marketing maybe?

I’ve owned four of my own including my current ride which is the 2020 Addict. Nothing bad to say but, nothing special either. I think my 2006 CR1 out performs this one in every way…lol.

I appreciate the engineering that goes into these bikes but, sometimes it just isn’t user friendly and that I don’t like. The seat post light thing is annoying to me. The seat collar is like 5 pieces. You better hope it stays together when you take the post out to travel. I’ve had it come apart and a couple pieces fall down the down tube. PITA. The Syncros one piece bar/stem I love however as well as the post. Syncros wheels OTOH…not great.

I might be into a frame set as I’m annoyed with buying complete only to have the wrong size stem, wrong bar width, wrong crank length, gearing you don’t like, etc…probably nothing different than most other companies just thinking if Scott wants more pie this might be a good way to get it. Power13 or someone in the industry can chime in and blast me how inefficient this is but, I’d be willing to pay. Heck I bought a new crank, post, bar/stem and wheels so it would be cheaper in the long run imo.

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I agree that I see more Scott MTB’s, but even then, they don’t have a lot of the market where I live. Both the MTB and road bikes have a reputation for being very stiff and expensive for what you get. The Scott road bike I see most frequently is the one ridden by Kate Courtney when she’s at home.

I actually love the look of the new Foil, but I also believe everything should be black and I like dropped stays.

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