Scotsman in America

Maybe not what the forum is for but worth a shot;
The wife and I are heading over the pond next month for our Honeymoon and are lucky enough to be road tripping some of NorCal and a tiny part of Nevada. Through pure luck (not careful planning like the wife suspects) there is a triathlon @ Lake Tahoe the weekend we are staying at Basecamp in Tahoe South which I have obviously got myself signed up for, coming off the back of my A race a couple of weeks before (Ironman Hamburg) - so a couple of questions;
First, is there any must visit places for a keen cyclist/triathlete, we will be visiting but not exclusively; San Fran/Sacremento/Yosemite/Lake Tahoe/Santa Cruz
Secondly, does anyone from the area know anywhere local to Lake Tahoe I could hire a bike for the Tri on Sundau 25 Aug?

Cheers guys, love the forum, hopefully my first post isn’t against the rules…

ps. if Coach Chad reads this and needs any proper whisky brought over just shout!

Gregor C