Scientific Off-Season Recommendations for Cyclists – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 445

(0:00) Welcome!
(1:00) Quick guide on what to do if you can’t put out as much power indoors
(10:32) Science-backed recommendations for cyclists on how to take an off-season
(42:40) Adding extra riding to your training plan: Should you do it?
(55:36) Why do you taste blood in your mouth during hard efforts, and is it bad?
1:02:51) How to not lose positions in a start
(1:11:52) Imbalances in your pedal stroke and what to do with them
(1:15:18) When you can skip warmups

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Looking at “How not to lose positions in a start”

So what’s the TR workout to simulate riding so hard for 3-5 minutes that you want to vomit before hitting a recovery section (hitting the single track) and then drop into that punchy surgy MTB pace? This also applies to CX does it not?

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I found the chat about off season interesting. Extending on Jonathan’s take about family. At the end of my season I’m taking 5 weeks off, but that’s because we’re going on a big holiday. And being able to repay my family for the sacrifice that they put up with for my hobby means that I’ll be taking a longer off season that I would probably do otherwise.