Schwinn IC4/IC8 advice


Does anyone have experince of uisng the Schwinn IC4/IC8 with TR ? I know the power reads high as its based off virtual power but can it connect and is it useable with TR ?

I need a bike thats affordable that both me and the wife can make use of and this seems like a good option if it works…


My brother has an IC4. I use it for TR workouts when I visit him. I’m a little perplexed on if the power reading is accurate or not? Trying to find more information on that. But to answer your question, yes it does sync to TR.

I used one for two years, initially with the Peloton app (using Kinetic to display power) and then switched to Trainerroad. After switching, I put Garmin power pedals, and the two power readings were almost identical. The issue I had with the bike that made me switch is that I couldn’t get the fit quite right and was having a lot of knee pain. But I’ve got wonky knees, so it probably isn’t a problem most people have.

If you do end up getting one, you can check out my open source project, SmartSpin2k on GitHub. It adds automatic ERG mode and sim mode to any spin bike. It works great with the IC4. GitHub - doudar/SmartSpin2k: Transform your spin bike into a Smart Trainer!

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