Schwalbe Pro One TT As Road Race or Crit Tire?

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I’ve tried to make sure I’m not doubling up on a thread, so apologies if I am, and please feel free to direct me to the appropriate one.

I’m just curious if anyone is running the above tires as crit or road race tires? Very clearly marketed as TT and tri tires, but I’m curious what exactly that means (lightness, rolling resistance, sacrificing grip?). I run Pro One TLEs day to day, it’s just an item of personal curiosity, if there’s a weight/rolling resistance benefit to be gleaned from these, and if so, at what cost.

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No direct experience… but in the other Schwalbe Pro One (regular Addix) tire thread, someone else said “The TT version is BS I used them and get punctures every second ride. And the milk does not help.”

Bicycle Rolling Resistance shows very thin tread and gives a very low puncture score. I’d assume it’s a fast tire and maybe you give it a go on a short crit that doesn’t matter, but seems sketchy for a longer road race.

@Chris47 thanks a lot for the reply. I was kind of assuming that that might be the case but was struggling to find much to lend credence to my assumption. Given my weight and the nature of crit/road racing I think I’m leaning towards steering clear of the TT.

And thanks for referencing that thread, I’ll make sure to do my homework on there going forward, apologies.

I’ve just taken a set of TTs off one of my bikes and replaced them with Pro One TLEs. While the TTs were nice to ride on, they are way too fragile for general riding - no puncture resistance at all.

It’s tempting to get overly enamored with tire rolling resistance, but there isn’t a lot of “there” there. Real world conditions make RR far less consistent/relevant when you get away from obvious comparisons (GatorSkins slower than GP5000’s). Most manufacturers have a “road race” model that is your best bet. If they could get a TT tire to be a better road race tire, they’d charge us more and call it faster/smoother/etc :slight_smile:

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I think the main difference is not to confuse TT with Triathlon. Many people read TT and think the bike portion of a long distance triathlon.
Triathlons can have courses with very poor road surfaces.
This Schwable TT tire is aimed for true time trials, where you either going to be on a track or on a course with smooth payment. For anything else they have a high risk/reward.

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Very fair, I guess I was just concerned that they’d done something build-wise that compromises grip etc. I think purely on the advice regarding punctures I’ll probably steer clear for road/crit applications.

For sure, I’m just looking at their marketing material listing TT and time trial together. Will certainly vouch for triathlon-typical road conditions lol.