Best Tyre For Road Racing & Crits

Alright. Which tyres/tubes/tubeless/tubulars are best.

GP 5000TL?
Schwalbe Pro One TT TLE Addix?
Spec Turbo Cotton?
Corsa Speed?

Tubes? Tubeless? Tubular?

My thoughts are: GP5000TL best all round race tyre. Corsa Speed TLR fastest for TT’s. Turbo Cotton with latex for crits because of grip?. Schwalbe Pro One TT TLE Addix is fastest tan wall tubeless tyre but too light to crit/road race on, same with corsa speed.

What do you guys think?

I think there is enough variance between tyres of the same type sometimes it’s hard to tell. Anecdotally I flatted 2 new GP5000’s last year road racing and My Corsa speed on the Disc wheel (done 2 seasons now) was fine.

340 miles of Road racing this year
295 miles of TT’s past 2 seasons.

However, having said that, i’m still gonna run GP5000’s for road races next year because anecdotes aren’t facts.

edit, I blew the front on the TT bike last year going through a pothole but that was a Conti GP TT.

I really liked the feel of the GP5000TL i used this year but the sidewall punctures I had has made me think of going for something else this year. Probably either the new Pro One or Corsa 2.0.

Definitely staying tubeless though.

Yep both of my GP5000 punctures were sidewall, not running tubeless though.

How is the tubeless sealant with sidewall punctures? is it not just a written off tyre? I feel like i want to try the pro one TT, theyre faster but i want to see how puncture resistant they are also. I will be running them tubeless.

If i don’t run tubeless, i will run either turbo cottons or regular corsa’s with latex tubes.

Sidewall cuts are pretty much dead tyre tubeless or tubed.

So… Not many answers here, hope to wake up this discussion.
I used GP5000 for the 2021 season, but i have had way to many punctures now so do not want to carry on with these. ( I was a die hard fan of GP4000 that worked very well for me)

So which ones would you recommend for the 2022 road season ?

I love the Challenge Strada personally!

… The GP5000s … :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s causing your punctures? I’ve been on 5000s for two years, fair share of flats (only one in a race where I was guttered and took a staple). My flats have been caused by things that would’ve flatted any other tire on the market (staples, large bits of glass, etc.) and one pinch flat (operator error!). Flats are a fact of life (yes, even for tubeless), and there’s really no magic bullet.

For my money, the 5000s are still the best tire out there, and I don’t have to worry about swapping them off an on for races. Just set it and forget it.


Schwalbe Pro One TT Tlr is to forget.
I used them on 6 rides with 3 punctures. Sealing Couleur not hold Mode than 2 Bars.
They ended in the garbadge.
Noch on 5000 tlr 28mm. A dream of tyre.

I rode the Pro One TTs this season. Mainly two fast drop rides per week. Over the year, I got one flat, that´s it. I really like the “feel” of them. They are very subtle and also grippy. Will probably ride them again upcoming season.

GP5000 still seems to be best all round tyre out there. Has held up pretty well for me on some pretty rough (UK) roads. Interested to try the new tubeless version they just released as and when it’s in stock. Do think tubeless is worth investigating for racing - had 2 road races this year where I finished on ~40psi after having a puncture that sealed itself (and in both cases I didn’t realise until after the finish). Suspect with tubes those would both have been a DNF. Flip side is that it needs setting up properly, a friend on tubeless had 2 DNFs because he hadn’t figured out the right combo of tyre/rim/sealant and kept losing pressure.


My problem with GP5000 is really the punctures. with the GP4000 i could ride all season without having even 1 puncture!
This season with 5000, i had at least 6-8 punctures. It has costs me a top finish in a race. Maybee its bad luck, but with this many punctures i reckon it must be more than that.
For you who havent had the punctures, what are you running in air? and what about size? (im 28mm).

I was thinking Scwalbe next year… or GP4000 if i can find them…

I have the challange grifo on my cross actually. Love them, so maybee a good choice

Not terribly useful, but after a specific bad day on the bike, I try to not use anecdotal flat experience when making tire decisions.

I did a ride a while back where I got 5 flats in the same ride. Had nothing to do with the tires, just a lot of goat head thorns on the road. I don’t remember the tires, but I remember that after that day even the same tires were just fine with flat protection until I replaced them. Sometimes you just have bad luck. Of course, the opposite has to be true. My last set of tires had like 8000 miles on them, maybe 2 flats total (one was a 2" nail). Maybe just good luck?

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Bad luck is part of it. Tire pressure and volume can also play a role. I’m running the 5000 TR in 25c (Enve 5.6 disc) and 32c (Aeolus Pro 3V) and have almost 2000 miles on the 32c tires without any signs of the sealant doing its job. The 25c tires had a flat requiring a tube after 250 miles. :man_shrugging:

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25s, typically 80-85psi front, 85-90psi rear.

I’ve had my share of punctures, but none where I’m critical of the tire. Usually there’s a staple or something like that sticking out of the tire. Only recently did I have a flat where I was wondering what caused it on my rear tire, but the wear indicators are nearly gone and the tire probably has at least 3000 miles on it. It “feels” like it needs to be retired, so it will be.

I had two occasions where I got home and there was something stuck in the tire (a staple and some kind of other metal piece) but I didn’t flat.

I’ve heard (anecdotally) that there were some bad batches of the 5000s. Maybe you got unlucky with one of those?

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GP5000 latex tubes 25c for TT and on my summer road bike - don’t road race but they stand up pretty well to the weekly chaingang :grinning:

I paired wheels down to one since going disc and tubeless. So, I settled on the Conti GP5k TL as it rolls fast, has decent wear and corners ok. I think for road races and crits it’s perfectly fine. Definitely not holding me back. With that said, if I had a dedicated wheelset for crits, I’d pick something more supple. Probably the Corsa G, Turbo Cotton, Veloflex or any other open tubular with cotton or silk sidewalls. They corner much better IMO.

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This pairs with what a few guys I know would do. They’ve tried turbo cotton and it’s an incredible tire but not durable at all. They run the 5000s because it’s too much hassle to swap tires for racing.

I’ve never run the Turbo Cottons myself, but would try them if I had dedicated race wheels, but so just race on my CL50s.