Scheduling workouts purely by Recovery Metrics

I’m curious to see whether anyone actually schedules their workouts purely by the recovery metrics supplied by the likes of Whoop, HRV, Ouraring, Polar etc rather than by the actual schedule given in the plan. Also if anyone is thinking or has thought about it.

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I think that’s similar to what xert does

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Not really. Xert works on their version of a CTL/ATL/TSB chart and suggests workouts based on your fitness signature, your fatigue from those charts, and how long it is to your event. I’m talking really about doing a TR plan but if ,say, the day after a workout your Whoop says you are good to go in the morning when you get up, then you do the next workout rather than have a rest day like the plan may schedule, and so on.

I train a bit like that with modified TR workouts. I find my HRV tracks well to my ability to perform. I have taken days off before to get it back to normal levels. I coach myself now so I use all the factors, my time available, the TR plan, the HRV, sleep, etc to make minor/major adjustments.


Saw a really interesting post recently from @Brennus who used the Garmin recovery advisor to schedule his training.

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