Scheduling Recurring Weekly Races

I was wondering how i can schedule recurring weekly races on calandra in trainer road.

Thanks for any input as this will make my life easier for plan builder.

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At the moment, it’s not possible to schedule recurring Weekly Races, each race has to be entered manually :pensive:.

I’ll share this suggestion with the team though, and it’s possible that we can add the recurring race capability as we constantly work to improve and optimize the Plan Builder. I’ve also tagged this with the #feature-request tag so that we can keep track of the request :+1:


Seconding this as a good feature. Plenty of crit series where I am are weekly

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It’s kind of a TrainerRoad ‘blind spot’. I’m sure lots of riders have this question, though.

They should get some pro cyclocross rider on the podcast to talk about how you structure your training when you’ve got a season of racing every week. I don’t know how they do it.

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V-good suggestion :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

I’d like this feature too for my Thurs night club races

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Any sort of an update on this functionality? Would be so great to be able to do this instead of manually entering every race in the months long weekly series I participate in :sweat_smile: