TSS not straight [Bug- Run TSS not displayed on TSS Chart]

Just a tiny thing but it really starting to annoy me now, I apricate there are much bigger things to worry about in the world, but ocd is ocd, its hard to just turn it off.
My problem is since runs were uploaded automatically my tss has been messed up. I had a nice run of green going and a nice straight line but thats all messed up now.

Ive still been doing the same about of tss as before but it looks like ive been slacking. Any idea when this will be fixed and when it is, will it correct past tss so i can have a nice straight line.

Hey! The development team is aware of this display issue, thanks for dropping a note about it. It’s on our radar and the fix is being worked on.

I’ll be sure to provide an update here as soon as there’s more info available. Thanks for your patience!

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