SBT GRVL 2022 Thread

Moving to a lottery system for registration next year…dates and details below.

Key Dates:
11/20 - 12/8
: Registration open to deferred riders (entry guaranteed through 12/8, then expires)
12/5 – 8: Priority registration for advocacy partners, parity initiatives, 2021 volunteers, junior program participants
12/10 – 12: Random Selection entry
12/15: Randomly selected riders notified
**** For those traveling with friends, family, teammates or a group, we’ll have a system in place for up to four people to register together.**

Kinda inevitable, but also a bit disappointing. Was hoping to put my well-refined Springsteen ticket hunting skills to good use. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I totally understand why they are doing it.

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Yep. I was kinda hoping previous participants might get some preferential treatment :confused:

I only got in this year because there was early registration specifically for women.

People who were staying at our hotel were already booking their rooms for the 2022 race! I jumped on the bandwagon… so worse case scenario is I don’t get a lottery selection and I get my hotel money back.

Also looks like junior riders that register early will get a way to match registration with their supervising adult.

Pre-announcement, I was planning to ride the green course with my kiddo but the new rules made that kinda sketchy: she could get a guaranteed junior entry but her dad/I wouldn’t get a lottery selection. Wouldn’t put her out there alone. Hopefully it will be like the everyone-or-no-one team selection.

In through early registration.



My kiddo decided that she didn’t want to ride the Green course after all so I promoted myself to the Red course this year.

All registered, lodging taken care of, and ready to make a good go of it. Also hope to chat up my buddy Valtteri Bottas again :laughing:


I’m in as well via early deferral registration. Black Course :flushed:


In for blue!

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Lottery registration is live - get on it!

Please delete that post…no need to remind people and lower my chances of getting in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck to everyone who registers for the lottery. Would be awesome to see a big TR contingent out there!


Just entered the lottery :crossed_fingers: only in for Red since I’ll be doing Triple Bypass the next weekend.


Does anyone know how it works if you are trying to get in with a spouse? We’re only doing it if we can do it together and make a vacation out of it. And don’t want to be locked in if only one of us is selected.

I did message SBT as well, but seeing if anyone here knows?

You guys can register as a team, so if one gets selected, you both get selected. One person needs to register for everyone on the team (which in your case should be pretty simple).

Team members do not have to do the same route, however…so if one of you wants to do the Black course and the other wants to do the Blue course, you can do that.

is it the same registration link for team registrations?

Same link. From the SBT GRVL FB group: “Registration is now open until 12/12! If you are riding with a group have everyone enter the same “team name” in the box on the registration page.”


I don’t usually log in to read my husband’s email… but when I do, it’s because it’s race lottery selection day :laughing:

Nothing yet… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Same…I am waiting for both my PCR test results (had a fever for two days) and SBT GRVL selection, so my refresh button is getting a workout :rofl:


No email yet… but SBT is listed under his “My Upcoming Events” in BikeReg. So I think he’s in!


May your PCR emails be negative and your SBT emails be positive :crossed_fingers:


I just got an email from BikeReg charging my card and it mentioned SBT GRVL but nothing official from them yet.