Saturday: Pro Fuel and Hydration app: User inquiries

Glad to hear it. If you tap the gear icon at the top, and then check out your Profile page you should see some red text showing something about your trial ending soon. Tap the red text. That takes you to the subscription page.

If you forget, the app will start to remind you once you’re half way done with your trial. (in-app reminders only. Notifications are not my favorite so we’ve avoided any of that so far.)


I’ll start the sub after pay day! Looking forward to trying for the weekend spin with solids (& custom products) in the mix.

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If anyone is experiencing any issues with their iOS subscription, let me know. We’ve had a small number of iOS users report that the subscription isn’t “sticking.” I can have the engineering team fix it quickly for you. Just let me know.

I subscribed yesterday. I’ll see how it goes. It said it was for testing purposes only though or something?

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Mhmm my subscription doesn’t work now…

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Thank you for letting us know! Please update your app to v1.0.44 and it may fix this. If you were seeing the “test card” messaging, we believe 1.0.44 fixes that for everyone.

On your phone, go to iOS or Android store and tap Update.

There is still one lingering subscription issue we’re dealing with and if you’re being blocked from using your app because of it, please email I’ll get you taken care of immediately in our back-end.

Regardless, reach out wherever you find me online or in email, and shout at me until I’ve fixed your issue. There is no excuse for taking anyone’s money and not providing the service as promised or better!

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Is there a way to add Maltodextrin into the recipe ingredients?

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You can add custom items yeah. When prepping fuel just click +add product and either search for it or manually add it to your Arsenal of fuels.

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Yep, just like @OwenL said.

Also, we’ll be adding a native option for malto within the app in the future too. Just figuring out how to present the options for ratios of carb sources to folks.

It doesn’t like the addition of pure carb sources though. Not a big deal to have it adding 1mg of sodium per gram of carb, but also not ideal.

You’re right, this should be fixed, but a better solution in the short term would be to put something like 60g Carbs and 1mg Sodium as the serving and then use percentages of a serving.

Just FYI - the brand of Malto that I use does include sodium, so you might want to double check.


@JacksonLee, I had no issue adding in a Malto custom product at 0mg sodium into the app. Perhaps it’s because you only added 1g of carbs which might be causing the error you see??

For my custom product, i added 60g carbs, which is what one serving of the malto product I use is.

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I just pushed this to my engineering team. You’re right, you should be allowed to add pure sodium sources or pure carb sources.

Appreciate you bringing it to my attention!


PS. you’ll probably want to set your serving size as higher than 1 gram so you don’t have to tap the (+) button so many times. :slight_smile:

We currently allow half-serving steps, if that’s helpful.

In the future you’ll also be able to choose “scoops,” “gels,” etc, instead of servings.

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No problems. I really like the app! After using it for a week I have found my performance in harder sessions has improved quite noticeably. I will definitely be continuing my subscription beyond the free trial.


@Dr_Alex_Harrison. Does the app factor in multiple workouts a day. Ie. I commute to work and home 90 min each way. And sometimes jog for 45 min at lunch. Will the app factor this in or does it see every workout individually? Also should i care about this and always fuel every workout the same regardless of what came before or whats next?

Right now, it does single sessions and ‘combined’ (brick, triathlon, duathlon, swim-bike etc) sessions only. It will handle 2- and 3- and 4-a-day scenarios in the future. Right now, you can do multi-session days just fine, but it does see each session only individually right now.

If you’re doing multi-session days, please select “balanced” or higher no the performance vs. satiety/whole-food setting.

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Now’s the time! Your request is one of the upcoming pipeline options. Let us know → Feature Planning Feedback Survey (probably 90 seconds)

In exchange for your time, all respondents are entered into a drawing where the winner gets lifetime free VIP Saturday app access.

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This is the exact same request I came here to suggest. Allow users to specify bottle size, generate a per bottle amount, and perhaps say consume 1, 1.5 bottles/hr etc.

First time I’m using the app for a long event and won’t be carrying 5 litres of liquid with me, makes sense to be able to portion up by bottle.

Back to the calculator for me. Glad I chose to portion stuff a few nights before.


@Dr_Alex_Harrison are you planning on calculating the glucose/fructose ratios? For example, I want to know how much gatorade powder and maltodextrin to mix together. Can’t seem to find the fructose:glucose ratio of Gatorade anywhere…