Saturday: Pro Fuel and Hydration app: User inquiries

I had the same issue. Been emailing with Dr. Alex and he said it’s a known bug and they’re on it. Until then, here is his suggested workaround:

  1. Open the app menu via the gear icon at the top right.
  2. Tap “Personalize”
  3. Tap “Max Hourly Carbs”
  4. Adjust from 90 to → 100.
  5. Go back to home page.

Question in regards to the intensity selection. Since close to 90 percent of my rides take place on the trainer - I find it easy to pick intensity to match my workouts. When I’m out and doing an event, the duration ususally spans several hours 4-6.5 and there is a large temperature flucuation and the courses are usually very hilly with flatish sections, then big climbs and technical descents etc.

How should I rate my intensity level for something like this? I ended up looking at my past rides that are similar and kinda figured out that I’d be at high to low aerobic based on my kj/calorie output but it seems low to me. What do you think @Dr_Alex_Harrison ?

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I also have a question about calculating the duration. Should you give the total duration of the workout or only the time of the highest intensity? E.g. 30 min Z2 + 30 min Z4 → so 30 min threshold. Maybe one should be able to calculate several sections?

Feb 20. :slight_smile:

This bug is now fixed.

Thanks for pointing it out! We had a bug that affected the way users data saved from onboarding and was recommending everything at the lowest allowable values for all users, no matter how experienced. I’ve been absent from this forum for a week hammering on that major bug that affected all users when we made the switch from the old app to the new app. It’s been a week!

Check your email or join our user community for live updates about known issues, bugs, announcements etc. We have feature requests and a space for feedback, too.

If you’re not getting emails from me, DM me here, and I’ll get notified via email.


(I know I’m too late here to be helpful for you race, but save that intel for next time.)

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Yep, pretty spot-on. If there are big chunks of harder climbing though, it might be wise to rate a little higher, like Tempo/SS. We have a discussion space on this exact topic up and running now.

Total duration.

Although, if you wanted to be SUUUUUPER granular about it, you could use the “Brick” feature and add your ride in chunks. Not recommended. Way overcomplicated. In the future, it’ll do this type of hypergranularity in the back-end and just deliver you an optimized output. We’ll be syncing with platforms soon. We’ve had a couple reach out and offer API access. If you have platforms you’re interested in getting synced with us, feel free to ping them and let them know. (looking at you, TrainingPeaks).

These are great suggestions. We want many of the same things. As with many bootstrapped tech startups, especially those with non-technical founders, we’re limited by resources and dev clock time. We’re hiring devs (read: twisting dev arms to come work for free, while we grow revenue), as fast as we can. because we want many of the same things you do. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I joined the beta and used the app for the first time last night for today’s workout. Love how easy it makes what was otherwise a fairly annoyingly time consuming process in an Excel spreadsheet.

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We’re adding a link repository to the new website as we speak. Hopefully complete by EOW, but certainly by Feb 20.

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I’m not sure whether this is the right place for tech support, @Dr_Alex_Harrison, but I did create an account at the first opportunity. But I cannot log into the website with my user name and password.

You sent around an email yesterday or the day before yesterday (not sure due to the time difference). Should I just wait for a bit and either try again or create a new account? I don’t mind being onboarded once more.

I think there are two accounts:
One for the app, which it sounds like you created already.
One for the website for discussion, feature request, etc. That runs on a platform called “Mighty Networks”, so it has its own account structure.

It’s basically the same as TR - you have one account for the app, and a different username (and potentially login) for this forum…


In that case, doh! My bad. I something thought/expected they were linked. But thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, so did I! It wasn’t until I thought it through that I realized t they each needed their own account.

Thankful for password managers!!!

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We don’t have a website log in area. It’s all public. Do you mean the community site? (we’re tentatively calling it “Saturday Member Hub”) That one does have a different account than our app. It’s a separate entity (for now… might combine in the future but it’s a wee bit outside of budget at the moment).


We’ve clarified up front a bit on the landing page now. Thank you both for letting us know!

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Yes, that’s the page I meant.


I opted for before. Felt good

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We’re live on app stores. :rocket:


Downloaded it after seeing the post and first workout with it today. Very impressed so far. Just curious, I think the option was start 2 week trial, but don’t see the paid/ sub option?

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