Saris MP1 noise

Anyone else have a MP1 that kinda makes a vibration noise? I just lubed all the roller areas as specified, but i still get this annoying vibration. I figured out if i make it do a solid rock fore/aft, that will often shut it up for 10 minutes, then it comes back and i do another solid fore/aft rock. Not a huge deal, but id prefer silence. The MP1 only has three months of use on it, so still newish.

I don’t have that issue, but I do get a clunking noise when the platform moves fore/aft.

Might be helpful to upload a short video clip.

I don’t know about a vibration sound, but I definitely get creaks and clunks fairly regularly, it’s never been silent for me, even brand new.


any ideas would be appreciated. here’s a link to a video - Google Drive

I already tried lubing the rollers. And as shown, if I add fore/aft motion, or significant side to side motion, it get quiet.

You did the whole routine with the silicone-infused rag? Not just the rollers, but the parts they interface with as well?

Yeah, rollers, tracks and bars have been lubed. Im thinking i may be the two rollers on the bar in the back, im wondering how tight they should be on the bar…one way to find out i guess