Noisy Kinetic Z-rollers


I have a set of Kinetic Z-rollers and they’re normally quiet, but sometimes depending on where the bike is on them they resonate with quite a loud vibration. I’ve tried tightening / loosening the rollers and making sure it’s level, but nothing changes it.

Any thoughts on what it could be?


Same problem here, noise dissapear if i ride near the belt. I’m curious about how you fix the issue.

Sorry, nothing to add on this. Kinetic support have suggested cleaning the rollers and adjusting the tightness of the screws, but nothing has helped.

Wishing I’d bought Tacx ones now

try cleaning the, and check your tires. also tighten the rolers with a torqu wrench. if that doesnt work replace the belt and aply wd40 to the roler surface, this has worked for me, I wouldent recoment this if you use the same tires on the road, because this costs you grip. if this hasnt worked apply muc of chin oil to the belt and use some silicone gease inside the rollers

newer tires will help to, you might want to look for tires spacific to indor trainers too

@Mack_Parshall Thanks for the tips. It doesn’t seem like a tire issue. To me is seems that after a time riding one of the rollers starts vibrating. Riding to the belt side seems to stop it, but my skills aren’t up to sticking to a 2" point on them! :slight_smile:

you could try puting a belt on the other side, it will make it harder to spin but it may quiet it down

Tried putting it on the other side and it did seem to make it a bit quieter.

Think I’ll just turn my music up for now… :slight_smile: