Saris H3 Microspline Freehub

I just noticed that Saris has a Microspline Freehub available on their website now.

Given the “similarity” between the H3 and H3 Plus, I figure it shuold work with the H3. But looking here to see if anyone knows for sure, before I decide to buy one.

Maybe best to email Saris directly, if you haven’t already tried.

Good suggestion. I did that - it took a few days to get a response.

Their official stance was that the microspline freehub is only supported by the H3+.

I also asked if they have an updated HG11 driver that would work with Shimano road 12 spd. Again, official response was no and that only the H3+ officially works with 12 spd drivetrains.

Disappointing for sure. Even though I am sure they could supply both and that they would work with the H3.

I guess it’s time to start considering a Kickr for me.

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