Setting up a H3 and cassette question

Hi all,

I have just pulled the trigger on a Saris H3 as my first foray into direct drive smart trainers and was setting it up this morning. I bought a separate cassette for it. My bike has a Shimano 9 speed HG200, I bought a 9 speed HG400 for the trainer. Does this matter? Both are the same 11-32.

I have got the new cassette on the trainer and mounted my bike. When just turning my legs over it is making a bit of a rubbing/rumbling noise. Do I need to adjust the rear derailleur or find a ‘sweet spot’ gear where it wants to sit? I will be planning to train in erg mode but I assume the noise isn’t meant to be there.

Sorry if noobie questions! I’m just excited for a new Ramp Test!

  • That is fine and should be functional.
  • Yes, that may be necessary. It is common to need a minor adjustment to the barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur to align the RD with the slightly different location of the cassette as placed by the trainer.

  • If you don’t know how to do this, please watch a video to learn the process before attempting to make a change. I can link a video if needed.

  • Additionally, depending on the age and wear of your bike chain, it’s possible that a heavily worn chain, run over a new cassette, will lead to popping and skipping. So, if the above RD adjustment fails, you need to look at the relative wear of the components.

Thanks Chad,

My main concern is that I Haven’t set something up wrong which is going to cause damage to bike, trainer or both.

I made sure the cassette was tight and re-seated the bike to be sure it wasn’t misaligned.

I have had a play with adjusting the derailleur and am getting there, the shifts aren’t all perfect but I will keep tweaking. The chain is still not stretched to either setting on the tester I have.

Just did a ramp test and it was less noticeable when I had a fan and music on! Is there an element of a new cassette ‘bedding’ in? Is it noisier because I don’t roll ultegra etc?

To noise, keep in mind that you are inside, and it will all be more noticeable compared to anything outside. In some cases, that is the only real difference, perception.

It might be “bedding in” a bit, but in reality the only thing that can happen is the cassette rotating forward on the body to engage the teeth. The actual teeth are all steel and will not change or shift in a real way without lots of use and time.

Some cassettes are potentially more noisy than others, so that is entirely possible as a factor as well.

If you are mainly in ERG, getting it close is all you really need.