Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

I put an NX eagle cassette on the trainer and its making a weird noise I can’t figure out what it is. The cassette is really close to the trainer but it doesn’t touch. Do I need a spacer or something?

I put the spacer on mine. Shifted poorly and would need to adjust limit screws but I didn’t want to mess with it so found the best gear and kept it in erg mode.

I was thinking about just taking one of the small spacers from the bottom of the cassette and using that for a bit of room or do you think its better to use the big spacer?

I just used the small spacer that came with the trainer… but I think any will work. My issue was that without the spacer, it shifted well but I couldn’t tighten the thru bolt down. The official stance I got from Saris via email is that it’s not comparable with a 12 speed cassette… this is probably why. But like I said, it did work in erg mode just fine and was super quiet.

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My power supply went out, and had to replace it. Found this on Amazon, and it has the same power specs, and the correct barrel connector. It is working fine for me. The output cable length is ‘normal’, so not as long as the unusually long one on the stock supply.