Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

In the designs and tolerances for the loss column, my park tool Shimano cassette lock ring adapter doesn’t fit over the QR adapter on the H3. So as I mounted my 10-speed cassette for my TT bike, I’ve only been able to tighten the lockring by hand. It’s not going anywhere, but a couple of the smaller cogs have a slight bit of wiggle and it impacts the shifting at that end of the cassette on the trainer. Pretty annoying, and I’m open to any solutions (even ones that will make me slap my forehead for being an idiot.)

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  • How about unthreading and removing the axle adapter, tightening the cassette, and then returning the adapter to the trainer?

I’m pretty sure the adapter doesn’t fit through the lock nut from the outside. I can dismount the bike and try it, but I think I already looked into doing it that way. It’s crazy to me that this is even a “thing” that requires any thought whatsoever. First for me in like 15 years of using trainers!

I’m over screwing around with this new trainer setup. Constantly adjusting things the last week to get it dialed… hopefully once it is I’m able to get as much use out of it as I did with the Venge just on the trainer on the floor! :laughing:

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Get a lock ring tool that is also meant to install / remove the lock rings for disc rotors. This one worked in my H3.

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Hello everyone, I’ve just bought the H3, coming from a TACX Vortex Smart wheel-on trainer. I’m experiencing some strange behavior with power measurements: it goes up and down without being “steady” at target power (see figure), something I’ve never experienced with the TACX trainer. I’ve updated the H3 to the last firmware and done a calibration before the workout. I’m running a 11-speed MTB Shimano SLX cassette if it matters.

Someone has the same issue and knows how to solve? It’s pretty annoying… Thank you!

This is what is supposed to look like - your previous trainer was lying to you

you could adjust the smoothing, but true reality this screenshot is normal


I see… Thank you for the answer, power smoothing is set to 3 seconds, gonna try with 5.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that power graph. Your prior trainer using erg mode power smoothing was just lying to you.