Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

I’ve got one that’s well over a decade old with 10,000’s of “miles” on it. I wore out the locking mech (which they supplied replacement parts for free) and I’ve worn a groove in the steel roller where it meets the the tire, but it still rocks along. That sealed/magnetic coupling for the fluid housing is genius.

The downside of making designs that live forever is that you never get to sell a replacement…


Some general thoughts and follow-up form posts yesterday…

I think most people in the industry knew this and acted accordingly…that was one of the reason why it was so hard to meet demand. Outside of adding shifts at factories, no one really invested in additional capacity, as that would have meant huge investments for something most felt was temporary. The boom lasted longer than most expected, but eventually popped (or is currently popping).

I doubt this will happen…again, no one really invested in capacity, so any incoming inventory won’t significantly exceed demand, even with the current market correction.

SO much this…same thing happened in my industry (consumer medical devices), especially thermometers. Demand spiked, everyone rushed to make stuff, failed to understand that these devices were durables, not consumables and now everyone and their mother is stuck with excess inventory. The biggest mistake I made was undersestimating how long the surge would last and we missed some sales opportunities. I originally thought the virus would burn out by the summer of 2020 and the boom would be over by the time we got new product, so we waited. The flip side, however, is that I don’t have near the excess inventory that most of my competitors have (but we do have some).

Definitely a factor, but if you are paying attention to your business, it should be manageable. To have 4x the amount if inventory now that you had a year ago, when sales were booming, is just irresponsible. Flat out. Again, these are durables, not consumables. Once you make a purchase, you are out of the market for 2-5 years, minimum. The market for trainers is finite…add in the supply coming from other competitors and having that much excess inventory is just unconscionable.

TL:DR - Saris completely screwed up here. They misread / misunderstood the market situation and grossly mismanaged their supply chain. You will never get these situations 100% right (and lord knows the bike industry sucks at forecasting supply), but a miss this big is on them.


A man can dream! But I think it will “correct” the second hand market eventually.


Definitely more likely there…you will probably see people dumping their lightly used bikes, looking to get what they can.


Yep, if you are in the market for a lightly used top tier groupset DuraAce / Red / Super Record, etc. equipped bike, they should be showing up in the next 6-12 months.

Have you updated the firmware current in the app?

We’re already seeing this in the mtb community where I live. Every day 2 or 3 Trek hardtails or mail-order low end FS bikes hit our local Facebook page. Our trails went from an incredibly well kept secret to so packed that it ruined the experience almost over night. I think the majority of those new riders are headed back to the gym now, and to be honest, it makes me happy. We had broken limbs at least weekly. Frequent posts about how to carry guns on the trail. Traffic jams at all the big jumps so people could pose for pictures. Our XC trails turned into “wannabe dirt bike jumper go-pro-ville” and I’m ready to get back to people who just want to ride. The LBSs sold TONS of full face helmets, full battle gear, and crazy heavy bikes though, so good for them.

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Good article. It’s valid to point out the lack of innovation with the H2, H3. I’d be curious if Saris looks back and regrets dedicating resources to the MP1 platform.

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Hard to know what demand they had with the MP1. At their size, I suspect the engineering dept. was more than a handful of people. And considering the vastly different skills and knowledge needed to develop motion devices vs smart trainers, I could see concurrent development with minimal impact between the two sides. No idea if that is really possible with their structure and employees, but it’s could be that they coexisted with no issues.

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Frequent posts about how to carry guns on the trail.

You would happen to live in the Northern California Bay Area would you? I think we had a half dozen broad-daylight bike thefts in our area and there was talk about carrying a gun if you go out riding by yourself.

Nope. Houston suburbs. It’s just Texas being Texas.

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Texas gonna Texas.


When updating my H3 trainer firmware it says the latest firmware is 31.064. However I can see online that 31.065 was released this past April. But I’m not given an option of selecting 31.065 in the saris utility app. Tried installing the app on my iPad with same result. Anyone have this issue?

31.065 shows up when I check the “Include Beta Firmware” in the Settings > Diagnostic Help screen. Let me know if it works.

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Ok I see it now. Best to wait for the final firmware to be published? Anyone have issues with that one? Thanks

Yeah, wouldn’t be in a rush to try Beta anything while the company is in transition,… risk/reward
hope the new owners reallt get/stay behind the H-Series trainers,.they are tanks.

Sadly, the demise corresponds to the founder giving the reins to the daughter. No clue as far as marketing…

I contacted Saris and they got back to me quickly. They said I can go ahead and update because it was an official release in April. There was an issue with the app displaying it as beta but they will fix it…. Either way I’ll check it out and at least I can go back to the old firmware quickly without issues.