Creaking noise on Saris H3 trainer - any idea?

Hi all, I have used a Saris H3 trainer for about 2 years. It worked fine during several months and I then started hearing a creaking noise. I opened the case, changed the belt, and still same issue. I tried to analyze the noise more precisely. 1) there is no noise when the belt is removed 2) when the belt is setup, the noise comes even at very low speed at each turn of the intertia wheel; I have a video I can share as needed.
Would anyone have any advice how to fix this ?
thanks in advance

Can you be certain it’s the turbo. I have a different trainer and can’t be, perhapsit the pedals or the bike frame. With a certain amount of resistance and at a certain cadence with my right leg being more dominant something can make a noise. It is complete silence when thing are unloaded and there’s no play in anything. Concentrating on my pedalling stroke seems to stop it anyway :thinking:


On my Neo, unless I have the skewer EXTREMELY tight, I get a creak.

As asked above, are you sure it’s the trainer and not the bike? Did you take the bike off the trainer before the creaking began?

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I have a H3 also. I did get a creak, I re-tightened the QR skewer and it solved the issue…


thanks HLab and Pbase for prompt replies. Not sure what you meant by “it’s the turbo”.

just to clarify I uploaded a video recording of the issue on youtube at Saris H3 Home Trainer - creaking noise - low rotation speed - case opened - YouTube.
Please check and you hear the issue. I will check what happens if tighten the bolts and screws a bit more.

I can’t be of any help about how to fix it unfortunately but that was the sound mine made. I was eventually sent a new pulley wheel by Saris which seemed to work for a short period before returning. I was never able to resolve the problem and moved to another trainer. I did give it away to somebody who was going to try to replace the bearings but I don’t know how that went as yet.

I was thinking something along the lines are you certain the noise is coming from your trainer (Can you be certain it’s not the turbo trainer ) but having watched/ listened to your video its certainly isn’t. It’s definitely not emanating from your pedalling/bike because they simply aren’t there. Good luck with finding a solution that sounds horrible :open_mouth:

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Yes. I was saying the same. Asking how you knew the creak wasn’t the bike. Good luck!!

Did you find a cure for this, mine has just started creaking, not quite as bad as in your video but equally annoying!

I’d suggest recording a video as well and sending to Saris support. I had a creaking sound with mine (not the same sound mind you as the OP’s video) and contacted Saris support about it.

They sent a new belt and pulley wheel to try — the problem persisted and they ended up replacing the unit for me. I was about 2 month past warranty, so kudos to Saris support for helping me out.

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Thanks for the reply. There’s also a knocking noise now when I stand out of the saddle. I’ll try and get recordings and post them in the main Saris thread. I am the second owner so not covered by warranty.

Check to see that the axle end caps are not loose on the trainer. Loose ones can leads to noise.


Thanks Chad, the end caps are tight. I’ve tried everything I’ve read here and elsewhere online. I think I’ve got one of the dud units that others have reported.

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