San Diego bike rental and group ride suggestions?

Hello, I will be visiting San Diego next month, mid November, and was looking to rent a bike for a day and do a group ride. I found this site and this seems like the main weekend option

However, I haven’t been able to find a bike rental place yet.
Any suggestions?
Also open to any other suggestions for a ride/group ride.
Thinking to allow 4 hours for the ride, distance can vary depending on the amount of climbing. I am open to around 100KM or about 2000m of climbing or somewhere in between on each.
Thank you in advance.

Where abouts in San Diego? SD proper?
If you are in the North County, I did a group ride out of Revolution Bike Shop the was assertive, safe, and welcoming.

Note the weather there. The weather reports report a ‘costal’ temp, but once you’re a mile or two inland and over the first hill, it’s a completely different temp.

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