Samsung Announces Galaxy Ring: Everything You Need to Know

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Just saw this on my YT feed from Ray. Surprised there isn’t more discussion.

Will read the article fully and come back. I want a ring option to be the go, it’d be so good if they could get accurate exercise HR.

ETA: great job by Ray, but understandably light on detail. nuts.

I’ve been sorta hoping Garmin would be the one to come up with an Oura alternative. I’d love a ring that integrates with Garmin Connect and can collect basic metrics (heart rate, HRV, etc.) for those times when I don’t want to wear a fitness watch.

+1 here, but thinking of a Vivosmart to take the place of a Whoop. I did ditch Whoop for a Vivosmart 5 and it’s not a 1:1 replacement, but does track most of the things I’m interested in without the $30 a month fee.

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Oh yeah, that looks very good. If I could wear that on the bicep like a Whoop, it’d be perfect.

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