Salsa Cutthroat in the UK?

I’m very interested in the Salsa Cutthroat for its high stack and low reach (for a more upright position).

I live in the UK and distribution doesn’t seem great.

Has anyone in the UK bought a Salsa bike?

If so, from where?

Alternatively, if anyone knows of a bike with similar geometry that’s easy to get hold of in the UK I’d love to know!

Geometry for reference: 2022 Salsa Cutthroat C GRX 810 2x – Specs, Comparisons, Reviews – 99 Spokes

Ive never heard of them although they look legit, Google throws up an outdoors company in Tebay, Cumbria. They might be able to source something.


@HLaB beat me to it. They look to be the UK distributors.

44 15396 24040

I have a Cutthroat and it’s an awesome bike. Good luck on your search!!


@FrankTuna I’m thinking mostly of riding it on the road. Be great to hear what you’re experiences of it on tarmac are like?

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Also try . I’ve bought Salsa kit from him over the years and had a good experience.

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I wouldn’t buy a Cutthroat primarily as a road bike. It’s designed around 29er mountain bike tires and I don’t think it’s recommened to go much below (maybe?) 700x45. It works perfectly for me as a gravel bike though and is decent on the road for what it is.

If you’re primarily looking for a comfortable road bike with a higher stack, I’d point you towards a Trek Domane or Specialized Roubaix. The Domane seems to have a pretty high stack to reach from what I’ve seen, and it can run bigger tires (700x38). I have a Roubaix and it’s an awesome bike.

Hope this helps a bit!

I’m a big Cutty fan. Had one, sold it and shouldn’t have, buying another once my CFO (wife) approves another bike. She has a Cutty and is more than happy. I did set up two wheel sets. Stock aluminum with 48s. Second set carbon with 34s for road and smooth gravel. The model with AXS and a dropper, my wife’s, is my next bike.

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How did it handle with 34’s? That seems way too small but if it works, it works.

I’d be inclided to use bigger slicks, like Rene Herse 700x44 or 700x48.

Didn’t have handling issues but I’m slow and cautious. 42s might be the sweet spot.

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I’m slow too…you’re among friends here :rofl:

Was it good on the road? I do a Sunday group ride at around 18mph for 3-4 hours on rolling terrain and just want to hang with that.

On my list! But I feel like I’m paying the specialized name tax :disappointed:

Just keep in mind if you use this as a road bike…you’ll need a boost-spaced wheel set. It’s going to be alot easier to find light and/or fast road wheels for a standard road bike.

My Cutthroat is 2-2.5 MPH slower than my Roubaix for the same power. It’s about 3 lbs heavier, has wider bars, and the heavier/knobby tires all play a role.

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I’d agree with @FrankTuna. It’s not going to win any races but you’ll be comfortable and ready to do whatever comes next sooner, like drink beer. The guy that bought mine I still ride with and with the carbon wheels he doesn’t have trouble keeping up with our group of old farts. He is 15 or so years younger though.