29er Training tires (mostly for bad roads) for Salsa Cutthroat

The weather was nice last weekend and I took out my Roubaix with 700x32 Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires. I didn’t have any punctures (at last ones that didn’t seal) but the roads really beat the crap out of those tires. I’m in New England and the paved roads might as well be gravel with the freezing/thawing cycles this time of year. The potholes are epic :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I’ve had my Cutthroat on the trainer, but thought if may be better for outside rides now since it’ll take up to 29x2.4 tires and I’m not too worried about speed. It currently has Conti Race King 29x2.2 but I think pavement would kill these pretty quickly right?

What would be a durable, tubeless tire that might hold up to crappy roads? I was thinking maybe Rene Herse 2.2 slicks and save the Race Kings for proper off road riding?

Any tips are appreciated!

I have Maxxis Ramblers on my Cutthroat. They’ve taken a beating and still look solid. No sidewall issues and they run tubeless easily.

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Did you go with the 700x50?