Salsa Warbird (etc) - sizing?

Hi all
So much great info here, gravel scene is bigger in the US compared to Denmark (although growing).
Could you perhaps assist in helping me decide on size for next build?
I am 182 cm with 89 cm floor-to-crotch (long legs).
I own an 56 S-Works SL5 Tarmac with 90 mm stem on about 2 cm spacers (feels hard to reach the drops, I am getting older)
I own a 59 Niner RLT Steel with 70 mm stem (feels slightly big/high, but is comfortable, hard to get traction up front etc).
Currently looking to replace the Niner frame, and came across Salsa Warbird Carbon.
I fall right into a 57.5 size. That has about 4 mm shorter reach than the Tarmac and 4 cm more stack (for the Niner, Salsa has 11 mm less stack and 8 mm less reach). Would that be a meaningful choice, given my proportions and what the other bikes feel like?
Hope to get your input :slight_smile:
Best regards, Morten from Copenhagen

Use It will allow you to compare to bikes by showing you a graphical overlay as well as detailed dimensions. Assuming your Niner RLT is a 56, this link should show how it compares to the Warbird.

Compare: 2019 Niner Bikes RLT 9 5-Star Ultegra 56cm vs 2022 Salsa Cycles Warbird Carbon Apex 57.5cm - Bike Insights,

Thank you - I was actually looking for such a visual tool. Very nice.
The Niner is 59. So comes rather close to the warbird in 57.5 (slightly shorter/lower at top headtube as wanted. But not sure the reduction is sufficient :exploding_head:

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I’m 6’1’ish with TRex arms and I went with the 57.5 warbird. Picking it up today, will let you know how it feels!