Saddle sore woes

My brothers don’t ride, but it would be interesting to see if they would have the same problems. At least I can blame my parents!

This is why I would consider pressure mapping if the issues are subdermal. If the issues reach through the skin, then please ignore.

This is a before/after from my second session, peak pressures were worse in the first session. Guess where my problem areas were? My fitter was aiming for peak pressures under 1000 mbar. In the first session the left area was hitting over 2000 mbar.

Moving my saddle up and back also helped me extend my upper body and rotate my pelvis forward, taking more weight off of the ‘sharp bone’ areas. When I have relapses/issues now, it is usually from sitting up too much during recovery rides, which puts weight back on the sharp bone areas.

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This is helped me a lot too. Super easy and doesn’t require changing anything. I’m sure it helps kill stuff and it also quickly dries the area.

And cheap. I buy a bottle of alcohol for $3 and it lasts a year.

This is exactly what I was going to say! I moved up from S to M and spent some money on Assos bib shorts that have a softer chamois. The chamois needs to be wedged in the bum crack to keep your cheeks apart. If you have a hard chamois on small bib shorts it pushes your cheeks together and your skin will rub and chafe.

This sounds unappealing but give it a try. Wear two pairs of bib shorts. I battled with saddle sores for long but since doing this out of desperation I have never had a problem since. You might need to lower your saddle slightly.

Wow, lots of things for me to try. Thanks for the ideas!

Not all rocker plates are created equal, I suppose. And there is still a big difference between that and riding outside.

I as well do find using alcohol on the area seems to keep them away or just lets them heal quicker.

Any sort of hair removal in that area for me causes funky acne. Mostly due to hair follicle problems. I’ve had a history of hair follicle infections all over my body so definitely something to be careful with. Regardless of the method of removal. The problem (at least for me) is the hair not growing back through the skin properly once it’s been shaved.


This might just be just an Australian thing, but Tea Tree Oil works really well post ride on any saddle sore areas for me. I use it neat, only on the small specific problem areas. Be careful though, using it neat is not generally recommended as it can burn, especially if you get it on the “wrong area” down there.

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Assos uses Euro sizing…Moving from S in a brand like Pearl Izumi or Pactimo is roughly the same thing as a M in Assos.

Are you suggesting that US people are FAT asses? :flushed:

I find it funny when my wife order clothing from Amazon (really China vendors) and the size is XL (while she wears US S/M things).

I personally prefer Euro sizing better… but thats because i barely clear 5’6.

I am a large in all the Euro sizes alright. Ripped a pair of Assos S5’s in a spill on a tour a few years back bought a pair of Pearl Izumis in L, all the shop had… Stab me! It looked like a pair of pencils sticking out of a bin bag…

… It’s like trying to find a small cup of coffee in the states? Pointless boosterism gone mad. How did they ever manage to flog the idea of an Espresso over there?

I just saw this article and believe it accurately describes what I encountered in the past and occasionally now. Do you think this describes your issues accurately?

I was reading this thread earlier today and decided to take action after reading all the excellent tips.

I seem to get by with a bit of saddle soreness on the trainer, but Z2 and anything over 90 mins is usually not fun… Well I’ve just started TBHV, and it found me out after 2 rides. Rather than throw in the towel, I’m trying to see it as a chance to dial things. Another bad one would’ve had me on the edge of quitting though, so I took drastic action:

  • saddle nose angled up a couple degrees
  • shorter stem, back to stock -6° 110mm in place of -17° 130mm (which is what I ride on the road)
  • new chamois cream - Squirt instead of Muc-off who have changed to a thinner (worse) consistency

Although my butt ached from sitting on the saddle for 2 hours today, I didn’t notice any rubbing or real pain. I think reducing reach and tilting the saddle back has finally got me as close as I’ve ever been to a sustainable position. Let’s hope my soreness heals up now!

I’m also looking for a mat to put under the trainer to allow a little more squish (rocking) than my concrete floor.

You’re using Squirt and Muc-off as chamois cream? :flushed::joy:

what’s helped me is changing to doublebase gel over chamois creme, and spending a small fortune on assos bibs. I seem to get on best with them

I recently bought Assos. Great pad, although I prefer the wider pad in Rapha, even though it’s not quite as nice.