Saddle Bag with AXS Dropper Post

Any recommendations for a saddle bag that fits in an AXS Dropper Post? The AXS battery seems to get in the way of most saddle bags. I have a very peculiar requirement, need a bag that is big enough to fit a cell phone (“normal” sized iphone not max). Live in an area with lots of cell phone theft, but the robbers tend to only look at the jersey pockets. Have thought about a handlebar bag but think might be too conspicuous. Maybe some type of roll that I can attach to the frame?


Best I can figure that you may want to look for bags with “rail clamp” attachment. This may not work, but it’s an example of the idea:

I use my Orucase saddlebag on my AXS dropper without any issues! I use it with both the original Sram AXS batteries as well as these Chinese AXS batteries from Amazon that are about half as thick

Edit: looks like the link I originally bought is not Prime anymore, but this is the same product. They have added that new, unfortunate, “FaceRide” text as my batteries do not have that lol


Are robbers often coming up to cyclists and grabbing into their jerseys to steal their phones?

I have a frame bag and that’s where my phone gets stored. If I walked away from my bike I takes my phone with me