S-works Recon shoe issues

I recently purchased a pair of s-works Recon shoes. Holy smokes these things are light and stiff.
Anyhow, I have a little pain from the shoe on the outside of my right foot right where the heel cup meets my foot. (just below my ankle bone) The inside of both shoes look to be identical. Anyone have a similar issue with a shoe? Looking for some advice on remedies. Different insole? Small piece of foam? It is just one very specific point.

I’ve had this issue with the both of my pairs of S-Works 7 Road shoes, almost exactly what you describe, except with my left foot. I don’t have the recons, but am assuming they have a very similar heel cup.

I found it went away after a week or two of a break in period, and until then I would just loosen the top boa a little more whenever I started to feel pain. After breaking them in, I don’t have any issues at all.


Thanks so much. I was hoping that may be the case, but I’ve only gotten a few hours of use on them so far.

Just an update in case anyone else runs across this issue. I took a heat gun to the heel cup and warmed it for a while and tried to widen it right at the point where it was causing the pain. Between that and a few more hours of riding in them the pain has all but disappeared.


I’m having the same issue on the right foot. On another forum someone recommended soaking the shoes in water and then riding in them. I will try that today and then do Pettit. I have about 15 rides/workouts in my Recons and they haven’t felt any better, so hopefully the soaking trick works. If not maybe a heat gun or “baking” them for a bit to mold to my foot. My former Lake 241 shoes had a procedure to bake and mold the heel to your foot.

Also having some knee/IT band issues on my left that seemed to correspond with these new shoes. Not sure if it’s causation or correlated.

Lol! That was me! I never added the line about the water here. I tried it after doing all of the above and now they feel great.

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I had the exact same issue at first with my Recons, it took a couple rides but they broke in and the heel cups are super comfortable now.

Soaking them didn’t work, but heating them up with the wife’s blow dryer did. They feel great now.


The other place where both the s-works 7 and s-works Recon hurt my feet is that the corners of the upper dig into the front of my foot at my leg. Right where the plastic guides for the rear Boa are located. I ended up trimming off the corners and it was much better.

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Really frustrated also with this shoe. On the verge of returning my brand new S-works 7 as I’m getting extreme pain on the outside area of my right ankle. I’ve tried riding them multiple times on my Peloton to break them in, as to not ride outdoors with them, and the pain in still there. Starting to hear more and more people having this issue. See attached photo of where pain is.

Any advice?

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Mine were the same way! A team mate of mine said he’s owned several pairs and he’s found getting them wet and going for a ride is the best bet. I soaked mine with a hose, went for a ride for a couple of hours and they’ve been fine ever since!

Nice! I’ll try that. Just sucks that I just dropped almost $450 and now have to go soak them with a hose to loosen them up!!! Were yours just hurting on one ankle or both? Mine is just rubbing on my left foot on that little bone that pops out below your big “ankle bone”.

For the record, I have the wide model and haven’t had any problem. But what you are describing is the flipside of having very stiff shoes: they don’t readily adjust their shape to your foot.

But I would suggest you try insoles.

@OreoCookie I also have a very wide foot. I tried the Specialized “blue” insoles, still felt the pain/pressure right on the bone.

Shoes are a personal thing, so perhaps they don’t fit you. Since you mentioned you have wide feet, perhaps you need wide shoes?

Mine was just that same little protrusion below the ankle. I tried heating them as well, but it didn’t seem to work that well.

Perhaps, but my right shoe fits like a glove :slight_smile:

Cool. I’ll try the hose technique and report back.

Ok, now I get why you are frustrated! So have you tried getting a new foot then? :stuck_out_tongue:

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