S-works Recon shoe issues

Don’t have the same shoe, recon 3.0 here. However, I got the retul footbeds a week ago. Oh my man. Should have done that way sooner.

Did this get resolved or did you return them?
I suspect it was a bit worse on the road because then you can lean the bike sideways whilst standing relatively upright under tension and thus intensify the pressure on that spot.

Exactly. I ended up returning them.

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Oh too bad. Did you just try to water them a bit or did you really suffer through breaking them in?

You should not need to water a pair of $500 cycling shoes in order for them to fit. So, short answer is no, I didn’t try that. After attempting to use them on my Peloton bike to break them in, and still not getting anywhere, I decided to return them.

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Ah okay thanks :slight_smile:
I’m totally with you here.
(I got them on discount for 220$, so it’s not THAAAAAT bad.)
But yeah. I wouldn’t want to waste that either if the success of a break in is slim.
Let’s hope the newest iteration changes this :slight_smile:

Definitely. I was really bummed because I really liked the shoe.

I race for a shop, so I did not pay retail, but I just want to say that watering them was well worth it. I really like these shoes now!

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Did you feel any discomfort before and if so, how would you rate it?

Edit: had another question here, because I forgot about your first comment.
Isn’t that pretty much the same strategy people use for cowboy shoes? Except with another liquid ;D

When I first wore them I did a 70 mile gravel ride. The protrusion below my ankle hurt so bad I almost had to call my wife for a ride. It was pushing 5-6 on a scale where 10 is “I’m going to pass out”. Now they are my favorite shoe for long rides. Super stiff and no hot spots even on a day where I’ve ridden nearly 12 hours.

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I had the same issue with my Recon’s on my right foot. The piping along the top of the shoe was digging in at one small spot, it was very painful! I took a clamp and cranked it down on the spot and left them in the sun for a day, it fixed the issue. The shoes are now great!


Just making sure, are you referring to the spot dany has printed at in the picture earlier? If so, do you mean clamp down to make the material flatter ?

Same issues with mine on my right foot. I tightened the shoe to my foot and took a hair dryer on high heat to “remold” the shoe. Once I had the shoe warmed up (in the spot that hurt my foot) I moved my foot around aggressively. Did that a few iterations and after about 10 mins I had the shoe fitting great. No more issues. I tried the soaking method mentioned above but that didn’t work for me.

More or less regular issue with these stiff shoes I guess. I am using S-Works 7 on my road bike. We all know, we honestly probably do not need these shoes for our riding but we like to have them. Fine for me, I am happy to get used to the shoe or widen the shoes with some heat.
Nevertheless, I am reminding that @ambermalika had stories to tell on a podcast a few month ago about cutting holes into shoes is a thing in the pro area. A friend of mine did exactly that and now he is happy with his shoes / feet… :slight_smile:

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Yes this is the exact spot! and yes I took a small wood clamp to flatten that part of the shoe.

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This actually worked out quite well.
I’ll probably return them anyways because I think they’re half a size too small because my toe is touching the front whilst standing and maybe a little too narrow but thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Same here! Have a painful raw spot on right ankle after my first MTB ride. So you bent the lip right in front of the top Boa where it touches the ankle? EDIT - I just saw your reply above. My issue is a different spot The top of my right foot where ankle bends. Seems to be a common complaint online.

If I haven’t used my shoes in a while I get cuts/blisters on top of my feet from the tongue. It gets especially worse in CX season when running with them on.

Have you tried twisting the wire?
So instead of going parallel it crosses itself?

No I have not. I tried looping to the opposite wire holders (top/bottom) but that felt weird. I will try twisting. I did another MTB ride last night and I think it’s getting better. I have been just clamping the tongue and keeping it bent when not riding… maybe helping?