New S-Works Torch shoes

I’m guessing this is the planned s-works 8 shoe:

I hate how they say the sole is 4mm wider and they changed the shape of the last from the old shoe but share no real details about what changed. (side by side pics) For me, my small toe is always a bit too wide to fit in shoes. Some are ok to deal with and some are bad (merrell’s are horrible for me) and getting wide shoes makes everything else too wide as my heels are closer to a bit narrow. Hoping for bike shoes similar to Altra. (I wrote this before reading the cycling tips site which seems to say the toe box is roomier)

For those of us who aren’t weight weenies why don’t they make an option for a thicker tread on the toes? I can’t be the only one who wears out the from of the cleats pretty fast and having a high toe tread means the cleat would get less wear when you put your foot down at a light or stop sign.

btw I love how the forum sw compained about my original title:
New sworks shoes
Title seems unclear, most of the words contain the same letters over and over?

Bought a pair today. Will be receiving them probably on next Monday and will report back. Currently on Giro Empire SLX (road) and Shimano RX8 (gravel), and I hope they will fit nicely.

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James has exactly that pictured in the article

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Isn’t that what the torch 4.0 is going to be? Wait for those then.

$450? Jog on, Specialized!


I like the concept here. I agree with SBC on the sizing. I have no idea why shoes have tight toe boxes. Running shoes have wide toe boxes, why should a shoes that doesn’t involve the toe, that you can’t move your feet in, squish your toes? Now give of toe flex on Gravel/XC MTB shoes north of the cleat. Maybe don’t make the midlevel Recon shoes so purposely bland looking to justify the price of the sworks one (colors, interior fabric, lugs). ……and use the regular boa dials

Too f-ing bad they didn’t indicate how to find shoes with the new fit. I usually hate feature branding, but I’d like to know when/where they are using the new fit on the more common models.

This, 10+ years in “natural” 0 drop wide toe box type running shoes and even more time in widish merrell boots for daily wear my piggies are all spread out. I don’t need or fit a standard wide type shoe since I need the space at the toes not further back. Hopefully this ends up in their tri line since those are the shoes I need to replace next.

Altras, I assume?

I don’t actually recall if I have had any Altras, my lady is using some now but can’t recall if I had any. I usually end up just in trail shoes since most of my miles are on a canal tow path. I just got some Topo ST-4 a few weeks ago, I think the last road shoes I had were the original ST, I find what like and buy a few pairs once they go on close out.

Hopefully I can find someone stocking these in a 47(ish), local shop not a chance. Want to check them out to see if I should hold out for a tri version using these lasts or keep looking. I’m still on my 2013 spec trivent experts and time for them to go.

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CyclingTips had a good point about SBC using different sized soles for the widths. I tried Shimano’s wide, and it felt the same as the STD in the toe box. CT indicated some sole was the norm, so that experience makes sense now.

:information_source: S-works Torch 2022 first impressions

:footprints: Fit: I have fairly large feet (110mm wide, 286mm long) and bought the shoes in size 45. No problems whatsoever, enough space for toes out of the box, heel retention really good, no pain around the ankles. One issue that immediately occurred is that right shoe has a small side wrinkle in the material just behind metatarsal joint of the big toe. Does not seem to cause any discomfort for the moment.

:zap: Performance: They are very light. Not as light as shoes with laces I own (Giro Empire SLX) but difference is small. Boa dials S3 are powerful and easy to modulate, lack of velcro strap is a non issue. Carbon sole does not flex (gee whiz) and power transfer is as expected of shoes in this class even in push/pull 1000W sprints.

:eyes: Looks: White as snow besides one small S logo on the front. Love the looks and lack of branding. Very helpful detail is plastic protector on the front od the she in case of toe overlap with the wheel. You don’t want to mark your pearly whites. Boa dials are silver, but the strings are white. One thing to consider is sun ageing of all that white cover. Hopefully it won’t turn to yellow white hue.

:bulb: Final thoughts: I’ve bought these shoes based on reviews of greatly enhanced comfort and they really are seriously comfortable out of the box. Performance is alongside with other premium shoes. The looks are very pleasing but not overly bold.

:vs: Comparison to other shoes I ride:
Giro Empire SLX size 45 - narrower in the toe area, lengthwise about the same, marginally lighter, laces work well to tighten the foot, overall not as comfortable as S-works Torch
Shimano RX8 gravel size 45 - narrower in the front and the middle - they feel really tight to me, length the same, single boa dial isn’t that powerful, heavier, not as comfortable as S-works Torch.


Any comparisons with Shimano S-Phyre 902?

It is gonna suck to have to put those away come September 6.


Doesn’t Specialized already have an S-Works line? They could of instead just update the current S-Works shoes instead of adding an addition to it. I like the improvements though and like how Specialized has a wider toe box compared to other shoes like Fizik. Unfortunately, 450$ is pretty steep for me but I am enjoying my Torch 3.0’s.

Specialized is going after every foot “shape” and that’s why they expanded on the line instead of changing it. They added the digital foot bed and mold tray IIRC 3 years ago and has been capturing thousands of data points on how the populations feet are shaped.

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Anyone else use these shoes? Seems like does near me are still only carrying the older sworks shoes

Standard or wide? My feet are almost 10mm smaller in both directions and specialized site recommend a 45 for me and 46 for you

Standard size. Never had any fit issues with them. They fit like a glove.

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I’ve found Shimano’s S-Phyre shoes in their wide fitting to be excellent. I have short (UK 8-ish) wide feet. A lot of shoes are too tight around the toes. The wide fit Shimano shoes are an excellent fit for me. Getting some moulded insoles made them even better.

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I have them and they are fantastic. kinda narrow at the heal, but much wider than any other shoe I’ve every tried (in standard). To me, they feel like riding in sandals, my toes have 100% freedom to move all they want, but my foot is still super secure. totally worth the cost, in my mind

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I like narrow at the heel. I feel like the rest of my foot is slightly narrower then average and the rest of my foot up to the ball of my foot is more normal. My toes are slightly longer then average so in many shoes the toe box isn’t wide enough as it curves in too soon after the ball of my foot.

I have torch 3 shoes now from 2018 and they are ok but feel like my toes are a bit cramped. Would be horrible for walking but not that bad on the bike have custom retul insoles but feel like either my arch had changed a bit or they just don’t give the right support. They seem to have no metatarsal arch support. The insoles I use for hiking in trail running shoes I feel are very comfy (sole brand medium with the metatarsal button) but take up to much room in the bike shoes. Feeling like going up a size and getting the sworks and using the sole insoles could be comfy.
I only care about the comfort aspect, not the weight savings, though if they hold my foot more comfortably allowing more pulling up when sprinting that would be nice.