Options for larger chain ring with AXS

Currently running Force AXS with a 48/35 chainring but would like to get something bigger on the front. I am having a hard time figuring out my options - it looks like Sram sells a 52/39 - 54/41 - 56/43 as a kit with a new derailleur + power meter but all those options are $1K +. Is that my only choice or does Rotor or someone else offer any other options for cheaper? Thanks!

Maybe let’s start with: what gearing do you think you want? What use cases do you have in mind? Ignoring cost, which of these three gearings appeals to you most? Or do you think you want even harder gears?

Harder gears and a better chain line is what I’m after. Currently run a 48/35 with a 10-28. This is for a tri bike. Live in FL and regularly find myself in the last 2-3 cogs of my cassette on flats with a tailwind and cannot push anything going downhill. I also prefer a lower cadence (mid 70s) so often have a hard time staying in that range while pushing target power.

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I know you didn’t ask about Red but it’s familiar to me as I went through this last year. If you use a Red chainring it will be at least $800 if you don’t get one on sale. They have a bunch of options on their website. You’ll have to click around to see if you can buy a Force chainring.


All that said you should be able to find a killer sale right now. My understanding is the new Red groupset will be released 15 May. Force was updated not too long ago.

Will this work? STONE 107BCD Bike Double Chainring Round 2X for Sram FORCE ETAP Flattop AXS 12S 48T-33T 50T-37T 48T-35T 46T-33T 52T-39T 54-41T (djcbikes.com)

I roll a Rotor ALDHU with aero micro adjust spider 50/37 aero rings with my force axs setup. Smooth.

I’ve been looking around, so hard to find the 52/39 and 54/41 and 56/43. My “adopted son” (LOL) waited a long time before the 54/41 was back in stock, and he can hammer ~29mph / 47kph for an hour in crosswinds (350W NP). He did that for 2+ hours in a stage race last year in the Yucatan peninsular of Mexico, in the heat! Marginal gains.

I have 54/41 PM rings I’d be willing to part with. My legs are definitely not big enough for these.

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Here you go, I think this will work for a 2x also;

will cost you about $150-$160 to the door. I run all Pass quest rings on all my bikes.

Double check with pass quest (they are responsive) but I am pretty sure that is the proper 110 rings you need for the adaptor.

Why not just change the rings? Or do you have the spider-based power meter already?

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I think to just get that model rings it only goes up to 50/37. If you want the big legs rings they seem to be paired with a FD a lot which is weird.

Have you considered going 1x? That’d solve the front derailleur “problem”. Going by your description, you don’t really need that many easy gears. You can get ridiculously large front chainrings these days.

What’s speeds are we talking about here?

Assuming you were running a 54t on your previous set-up, a 50t gives you roughly the same gearing with the 10t small cog AXS cassettes…

SRAM 50x13 @75rpm = 23mph on the 4th tallest cog
Shim 54x14 @75rpm = 23mph on the 4th tallest cog

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These look great - I think the issue with 2x is that you need the larger front derailleur to make it work with the larger chainrings and off course sram does not sell that separately. I use the favero pedals for power - so that is not part of my decision…

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24-25mph in a low wind/no wind situation. I really get caught out in tailwind sections - only option there is the 48x10 which is a terrible gear to be in for long stretches – and sometimes that is not even enough.

I have considered 1x - for FL it would be great. Of course my race schedule includes some hilly races this year – so I am not comfortable giving up the little ring completely.

The best value option is to work on your cadence, if you can increase from 70 to 80rpm that’s like going from a 48T to a 55T.

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You obviously need a FL bike and an “other” bike! :rofl:

Haha - yes that is totally true.

I’ll tell my wife that :laughing:


last week, about 22 minutes at 24.7mph average:

gearing on a 48/35 AXS crank and 10-36 cassette. Gearing during that time:


never used 48x10 or 48x11, so 1st and 2nd cogs not used. Briefly used 3rd cog / 48x12. Spent most of my time in the 4th and 5th cogs on the cassette.