Running with Coros and Stryd

I wanted to reach out to the runners in this group. I’ve been running for the last year with Stryd and Garmin 245. With the recent native support in the Coros watch, I was curious. I’ve had a couple issues with Garmin when I connect to the laptop, the stryd app is removed and the default is applied. I did a run once since I didn’t realize this happened. For the most part though, Garmin just works with no real issues other than I get six days of battery life.

Now Coros comes out with long battery life and native Stryd support, I was curious about it and picked up the Apex. First couple of runs I did, I noticed it took a bit before the power would display. My routine with the garmin, let the garmin sync gps, start the run at an almost walking pace so I can confirm the stryd is reporting, then just head out on the run. Turns out that Coros leaves the Stryd in sleep mode until your over 130spm. It is but isn’t a big deal. You just have to make sure the “S” at the bottom goes from flashing to solid “S” and GPS is locked before you start. And don’t plan on initial power from the beginning.

So, I come to you guys for your opinion, am I just nit picking this to death or? I’ve seen the reviews, Apex is a decent deal with what you get and battery life. But when it comes to Apex pro and Vertix, they’re over priced.

I also have the 945 laying around, no runs on it recently but it was also on my radar to switch to from the 245. I start with the 245 as I never wear watches. Now I’m semi used to them and started to use the velcro sports watch band that Coros has and really like that I can tighten and loosing with the velcro. No problems with running, the velcro does not come loose. I have a velcro band for the 245 and Coros (it’s the Coros branded velcro) and they’re very comforatable for me. I have small wrists and the Garmin band is either too loose or too tight. After runs, the wrists are a little swollen and the band leaves it marks from being too tight. So, I just don’t like the stock wrists bands.

In regards to battery life, Coros is definitely superior to the 245 or 945. I’m still doing a little of my own testing but I fully charged the 945 this morning, then topped off the Coros and then charged the 245 to 100%. As I type, the 245 is 99% couple hours later, the 945 was at 95% before I left (thought that would be better) and the Coros was at 100%. I’ve done a couple runs with it and it barely makes a dent in the battery life. I’ll probably switch between the three over the next few days, see how the battery life is and make a decision which one to stay (245) or move to (945 or Apex).

Thanks for any input.