Run training during a bike focus

Hi everyone!
I’m just finishing up the HV half distance tri build, and with my races cancelled and the pools closed, moving to a cycling focus seems like the best course of action.
Running is my strongest discipline so I’m happy to let that take a back seat for a while, but I’m not quite sure how to approach frequency/duration/intensity of runs in order to get the most out of my bike sessions. I’m planning on doing mid volume SSB, and maybe a sustained power build depending on how things pan out over the next few months. Has anyone tried something similar and if so what were your experiences?

Kinda depends on how much you were running before but if you were doing a high volume plan than you should be used to a lot of work. I’d probably still do 3 runs a week. Maybe 2 30 min runs and a 1 hour run at a minimum. You could use one of the 30 min sessions to do a little VO2 or threshold work but you could really do all of the runs easy and just do all the hard stuff on the bike. You really just want to keep your body used to the running stress. Back before TR had tri plans I used to do the LV SSB, SPB, 40KTT and added my own running and swimming to it.

I’m kinda in the same boat, except the run is still my weakness but I’ve been working on it for 3 years and this seems like a good time to work on a strength. I don’t want to let my run volume drop too low though, since I’ll get back after it hard in the fall. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to handle, but here’s my plan.

Was doing ~13-15 hrs/wk of SBR, with 4-7 hrs of biking & 5-6 hrs of running. So moving into SSB high volume I’m thinking if I knock my running down from 40-50mpw to 30 mpw I should be able to handle all of that, but not sure.

I break my base running miles down BarryP style. 6 runs per week, 3 short ones, 2 medium ones and 1 long one. The short ones are 10% of the weekly volume. So three 3 mile runs for 30mpw. The medium ones are 2x as long as the short ones, so two 6 mile runs for 30mpw. The long run is 3x as long as the short one, so 9 miles for 30mpw.

I’m planning to do the SSB plan on the days they have them scheduled by default. Planning to do the 6 mile runs on MW, 3 mile runs on TTH & Sun, long run on Friday before the aerobic ride.

Hi, yes - over on the Ironman in 2020 thread I’ve just posted my plan; SSB LV2 with RLRF, alternating bike and run each day.

Oh wow, kudos for training on top of all that! I am one of the lucky ones who’s found themselves with a wealth of time to train. I’d be interested to see how you go on a lower volume approach, as most folk seem to be going to opposite way.

I’d be curious to try this approach- normally I’m a 3-4 runs per week kind of person, but at the moment getting outside for a short run is really helpful mentally,
I’m also hoping I won’t experience a huge drop in run fitness as i’m probably going to have to devote a lot of time to swimming when I’m able to again- being a newer swimmer, I’ve kind of accepted that I’m going to lose a fair bit there.

This is roughly what I was thinking. I’ve never been a big mileage guy when it comes to running, but I’ve always included a fair bit of intensity so I like the idea of including small doses here and there.

I’m doing almost the identical thing for running. I found it works really well. But I have to make sure I manage the bike and run intensity or I overdo it.